2002 European Architecture Award “Luigi Cosenza”
Project Casa Bonvicini

2002 Award for a multifunctional furniture
“Ying Yang – every coin has two sides”

2006 Award “Premio di architettura citta’ di Oderzo”
Project EXPOST Bozen

2006 Award for energy efficency in retorfitting and refurbishment
Project EXPOST Bozen

2009 Clima House Award
Project Family Home Reisigel

2009 Winner of the competition
Project Nuova sede della provincia di Parma

2011 Winner of the competition for the first Italian passive house school
Project Polo scolastico Raldon

2014 Passive House Award
Project Polo scolastico Raldon

2014 Winner of the competition for the refurbishment of a hospital
Projekt Ospedale di Crema

2015 Passive House Award and Clima House A Award
Project Frankenberg

2016 Winner of the competition for the new Golfhotel in Siusi’s Alp. 1st Phase: 4th prize out of 12 partecipants. 2nd Phase: 1st prize out of 5 partecipants.
Project Golfhotel

2018 Winner of 3 competitions in Sardinia in collaboration with Davide Fancello Architettura & Ingegneria:

  • For the Energy renovation of the City Hall in Dorgali (NU);
  • For the creation of a new Municipal Library at Cala Gonone (NU).
  • For the recovery of the former kindergarden in Sant’Elia district in Cagliari (CA).

2019 Winner of the AGPB Awards 2019 (in collaboration with RoA RONGEN ARCHITEKTEN and Architektur­Werkstatt Vallentin).
Project Quindao Technical Experience Center


Michael Tribus Architecture
Griesplatz - 6/1 - Piazza Gries, I-39011 Lana (Bz) – Italy