Construction of a new Golfhotel in San Vigilio, on the Alpe di Siusi.

This hotel project follows in its architectural approach the hotel concept of the “GOFLHOTEL.ST.VIGIL.SEIS” in the sense of “deceleration and maximum integration into nature”.
Already in the draft of the competition in summer 2016, there is the idea of maximum integration in the site, a decisive concept for a first positioning from which derives further processing. What was sketched here at the time is now elaborated in detail as a final project, in which the knowledge, experience and, not least, the commitment of experienced professionals in the hotel industry have led to a result of the highest architectural value.
The project provides for a stepped development, following the course of the ground, which allows the building to fit in the best natural landscape and greenery of the woods. The lawns flow inside the building, covering the terraces with plants and green spaces, merging with the surrounding landscape.

Michael Tribus Architecture
Griesplatz - 6/1 - Piazza Gries, I-39011 Lana (Bz) – Italy