Who we are

Michael Tribus Architecture is widely recognized to be Italy’s leading Passivhaus architects with more than 50 high-end passive house standard and climahouse projects. Founded in 1997 by Arch. Michael Tribus, it is a full service architecture firm that specializes in designing sustainable public buildings like schools, hospitals and kindergardens as well as intimate private PassiveHouses.

What we do

Our key focus is on planning, building and refurbishing high-end passive house standard projects with a special attention to the aesthetic end-result, going from private residential commissions to governmental and public projects like offices, educational buildings, schools, kindergardens and hospitals. As Certified Passive House Planers we are involved, in collaboration with international Universities, public institutions as well as international networks, in the innovation of passive house components, mainly on a facade integrated ventilation system, called LiLu® (from German Li=Licht=light and Lu=Luft=air), which represents a further development of a decentralized ventilation system, suitable for school-buildings and for any kind of refurbishment and retrofitting.

Why we love it

We believe in beauty and art. Our mission is to study the heritage, to take care of it and to preserve it, by employing all our sensibility and expertise, for the future generations. When we plan and build new projects, we just start from here and get inspired!

Michael Tribus Architecture
Griesplatz - 6/1 - Piazza Gries, I-39011 Lana (Bz) – Italy